Beating Stress in a Job Interview

I remember going to my first few job interviews with butterflies in my stomach. Being young at that time, I don't have an idea how to reply to questions even more what my answers would be. Stress level is in its all-time high in those days. Let me share these valuable job lessons I've learned from my personal experience and from others. Preparing for a job interview would lessen the physiological impacts that job interview has in a job seeker and start you out on the right foot.

Before going to your job interview, you may want to check these proven personal tips:

• Dress properly and neatly. Women should be very particular about this. First impression is critical in job interview. Remember, you need all the "plus factor" as competition is stiff in the job market.

• Have polished shoes - as shoes are much a part of your attire, better make sure they're clean and in-shape.

• Smell nice but be sure it's not too strong. Have a fresh breath so you won't offend your interviewer when you start answering questions.

• Research about the company.

During your job interview,

• Relax, greet and remember the name of the interviewer. Use it during the interview.

• Think beforehand, of possible questions that you'll be asked. If this isn't your first job interview, you should know what questions most likely to be asked especially if it is in a related field you're applying for.

• Be always positive with your answers. Your interviewer may take negative answers as a prevailing attitude that you may take with you when you start working with them.

• Give answers that are job or skill related. If you must give personal answers, relate it to the job. For example, if taking care of your kids is taking your time while unemployed, means managing your home could relate to managing a business or work.

• Show that you are a man/woman of vision. Employers want people who have goals as it translate to goal-oriented employees whom the company can greatly benefit.

• If you were asked about your failures or weakness, don't forget to mention lessons from your mistakes and how you corrected them and what you have done to overcome weaknesses.

• Put your best food forward. Sell yourself. Mention all pertinent information especially your accomplishments in your past jobs. Don't be afraid of overselling yourself. Who knows you'll end up with a better position than the one you are applying for.

• Learn about the company and the nature of business before the scheduled interview.

• If you're asked why you left your previous work, a personal reason is a safe answer like taking care of a sick family member or a pursuit of a noble goal like doing voluntary work, starting a business or achieving higher studies.

• Be honest when asked on your compensation. You know how much you are worth and what you can contribute to the company.

• When asked about your abilities & achievements, mention specific things that you have. Rehearse your answers so they're organized and well presented because you may need to mention dates and details.

• Include in your application references that would give you positive remarks. It is important that you inform them ahead of time that you'll cite them as a reference in your job application. It is important then, that you left your previous company still with an intact reputation.

• There are some job interviews that require you to make some sort of presentations. There are plenty of free presentation templates you can download with the following theme: business, nature, medicines, teacher or educational, etc. has more than a thousand PowerPoint presentation templates you can get or download for free.

Finally, entrust the result of your interview to God. He knows your needs and what is best for you. Stay positive and you can be sure that He has your best interest at heart. God has reserved the best job for you.

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